Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Puerto Rico Islanders

I was reading an article about the Cosmos, and the Islanders’ gradient multicolored excuse for a logo just stood out. I went to their website, and it was almost as bad as their logo.

 I especially like the logos in jpg with white borders around them. 

 Trying to replace the worst logo in the top 2 levels of the US Pyramid would be sort of easy, But I thought it would be fun to do a concept. I did the same crest shape, and put a ribbon around the logo. The original banner I had took about as much time to get wrong and delete it, than it did to do this whole logo. Puerto Rico has castles on the cliffs on the oceans, in which they have little areas like what I put in this concept overlooking the sea for enemy boats. So I made sort of a see scene with the castle, and the sea. The bottom is just a ball with a sun beam design coming out.

The jerseys are pretty simple, I kept to the template with some piping to make it slightly more original. They're in the MLS style with the font I wanted to use.

Go Rowdies!

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