Saturday, July 14, 2012

World Yakball Cup

So the year is 2020, and the sport is growing rapidly. Enough interest from many countries has allowed there to be a competitive world tournament with the best national teams in the world. The qualifying will be similar to that of the world cup, being broken down by continent and competition skill. The following is the breakdown for the 16 team tournament by continent. 6 European teams 3 North American teams 3 Asian teams 2 South American teams 1 African team 1 Oceania team

 Here is the top 40 in the Yakball world rankings
The first tournament is fittingly in the US, the country of origin. The United States automatically qualifies for the tournament, with the rest coming down to qualification. The host cities are

I will be dropping in with match results for continental tournaments to qualify for the championship. Here are the continental groupings.

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