Saturday, July 14, 2012

WYC: United States

The host of the tournament, composed totally of players in the US league. I wanted to do something like Davidson's eagle logo originally, but started messing with some ideas. I wanted to use the USMNT colors, because the navy and gold look great together, and I put more red in the red. I thought hoops would look cool, and I wanted to try to use a ball in a logo for the first time. I did a circle, and put US Yakball on it because it was short and sweet. Instead of 13 stars going around on the bottom, I put E Pluribus Unum from the US seal to make it more US orientated. The field is interchangeable with any city name that hosts a national game. 
I really wanted to use red and white hoops, so I did. The shorts are navy, and the socks match the jerseys. The clash is navy with sublimated darker navy in an attempt to separate from the primary.

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