Sunday, February 16, 2014

Buffalo Bills

 The first version of this logo was originally drawn last fall. It was a Buffaslug looking Bills logo. The current just seemed so static, so I wanted to give it a more realistic look, and provide a sense of motion.

The rebirth of this concept was done a few months ago. I finally drew the logo on inkscape, and then for some reason, i stopped. Fast forward to two weeks ago, and I needed the shape for my Winnipeg concept for my US Soccer series. I drew the full body logo. Then I was like "hmm that logo looks done. I'll just recycle the standing buffalo and pass it off as a fauxback!" And here we are now!

The script stayed the same, no outlines like what they have in the endzones now. There are things I'm not sold on their uniforms thatI hoped to fix. So the idea was a uniform based on the current nike rebrands happenig in the NFL. The old red helmets returned. Then I did a blue uniform with white pants, something that worked way better than the all navy look. The sleeve stripes and number font are the Michigan State numbers, because the fauxback looked too much like the home. The white/blue look they have on the road also looks very good, so that stayed. The alternate is a classic looking helmet with plain uniforms. I tried to match all the stripes over many background colors. This was a pretty quick concept, but I thought it was up to my quality of work.


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  2. I actually love this! Love your work!