Monday, February 10, 2014

Ottawa Fury

The Fury’s new reincarnation started playing in the NASL in 2014. The first team was a lot of free agent players from around the league, playing in the new Redblacks stadium. 

They weren’t that great, but that was what was expected of the first team. The second year, the main focus of the team was signing Canadian players. Several free agents from American MLS teams that were from Canada. They tried the hardest out of the now 5 Canadian teams to stay domestic in the free agent market. They also wanted to build up a youth system from the get go. They built a facility outside of the city to grow the team. Led by a Canadian manager, the team was contending for the playoff spot in the NASL before running out of gas at the end of the season. Going into 2018, the Redblacks were struggling financially, before the Fury owners bought up the team. They now had two teams to manage in the capital. The Fury had 22 Canadian players on a 26 man roster. But the team wasn’t getting better thanks to how far behind Canada was in the soccer world. They worked on a deal to bring a player dropped from his SPL side to Ottawa. He was the cornerstone of the 2020 team, helping out at mid and being the main form of offense on the counter attack. After two years and the first playoff birth in team history, Vancouver picked him up with a better contract. The team is known for overachieving in the Canadian Championship. A fierce rivalry between Ottawa and Toronto was formed after matching up in the domestic tournament 6 straight years. The soccer RedBlacks have no league or domestic trophies, and normally they’re in the bottom half. Expect a bottom half finish in 2030, but not bad enough to be relegated. The problem with the team is that they rely too much on domestic players. The team has some future with a pretty good youth system, but eventually the bigger Canadian clubs scoop them up. With the increased Soccer League salary cap, the team has some room to spread their legs if they want to compete. 

The half red, half black uniforms return for this team. But the one thing wrong with them was the current have the pattern continue to the pants. The clash is white, different from the black current clash, which is kind of stupid. Just one of those teams I had to do kits for. I had a harder time vectorizing the logo than I did doing the concept, to be honest.

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