Friday, February 7, 2014

Memphis Rogues

The team was formed after the announcement of the 3 tier system. The team was rushed into formation, just to make sure they had a team in the city. The name was taken from the NASL club that was there in the late 70s. The owners wanted to act as if the team was still living today. They inked a deal with warrior, and let them go nuts, as long as the home remained head to toe red. The crest featured an elephant, which was featured on the original crest. 

They would begin the 2024 season playing in the same place the old team played, the Liberty Bowl. This was way too big for the small time team. The initial support was due to the rivalries with the Metros and Chattanooga. The fans called for a team that would beat those teams every time they would play. The owners went out and picked up a French player that had bounced around the US leagues. He found a home at midfield, and became a fan favorite. They scouted the Gold Cup, and brought in two player from Belize, and one from Martinique. The team wanted a quick start and they got it, their second year they finished over .500. The team surprised everyone, and turned some heads when they stole a player from Orlando City who wasn’t getting any playing time. They signed a deal with the city to build a small 10,000 seat stadium right next to the Liberty Bowl. The Rogues might be the best team in Tennessee. Their academy is very basic, so they’re going to have to rely on free agency for a few years. The support is there, and they can almost sell out their stadium. But it’s a few years off from the Rogues being back in the big time.

The logo was kicking my ass. I was talking to a good friend from Memphis, and he was vouching for dual blues because every team in Memphis is that color scheme. The logo was the same, but I replaced the light blue with white because it just wasn’t working for me. I thought that the colors matched the flag, so it would work. The home kit needed to be all red because of the old look. As far as design, I just went nuts with it because it was Warrior.

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