Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Indy Eleven

The Eleven started play in 2014, and immediately captured the attention of the city. With such a big following before the team ever kicked off, they sold out almost every game their first year at the IUPUI soccer stadium. In the first off season, they were looking for places to build a new stadium. After a few months of planning, they staked out a place for a 20,000 seat stadium in East Indianapolis set to be completed in 2017. The plans came with a great training ground and 4 more fields for their academy to play. The team wanted to build up for that year, they went out and signed a midfielder away from Colorado, and brought in two defenders from the USL to bide time for their academy to catch up. Along the way, they formed rivalries with teams like Carolina and Tampa Bay. Indy couldn’t be taken lightly, since they hit the ground running. Their goal was to be able to compete with MLS teams and make the jump some day. The club was a great destination for players graduating from the soccer hot bed of Indiana University. The team became very vocal in the community and couldn’t hold everyone at IUPUI. So the opening of the Eleven Grounds was very welcome in the 2017 season. To celebrate, the team went out and purchased a forward from Bolton, a midfielder from a second tier French side, and a backup goalkeeper from Atlanta. They were geared for the championship run with the home grown talent supporting cast. They went on to win the 2017 Soccer Bowl. This caught the attention of a lot of people in the US Soccer community. Rumors had Indy moving to the MLS, but those were squashed eventually. One of their defenders coming from IU worked his way into the USMNT roster for the 2018 World Cup, which was a huge deal. Upon returning home, he got trade offers from MLS sides, and the Eleven eventually dealt him to RSL. The team finally got some young players to come into their system, and got some action in 2019. This included a 20 year old GK from Anderson, IN. He played very well for his inexperience, and carried the team to a playoff birth. The team picked up a 36 year old Spanish player for the 2020 season to play in the middle of the field. Learning from him, the core of young players matured incredibly for the 2021 season, and won the Soccer Bowl title. The Eleven are one club known abroad for the production of soccer talent, mostly the player go to the MLS, but players have been known to be sold to Spain and Germany because there are younger talent coming up to replace them. They haven’t won any titles since 2021, but the Eleven are a candidate for promotion, and could compete in the Championship immediately after they do get promoted. The logo is the same current logo, I almost changed it but it would’ve been pretty similar to Omaha. The kits are pretty simple. Blue sleeves with a checker pattern running down the middle. I based it off an Aston Villa concept I did last year.

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