Saturday, February 8, 2014

FC Norfolk

The Destroyers were one of the team that rushed into being a team thanks to the announcement of the new system in 2024. The team made waves before the first season started in 2025. They picked up a 35 year old MLS player to help the inaugural team in the attack position. They signed a deal to play at Norfolk State’s football stadium for the first half of the season then come football season, play the remaining home games at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. They brought in all sorts of talent from the Norfolk Region, mostly former college players. They had a decent year, but fans were angered by miscommunication about a home game against Connecticut, where the team changed to the VBS at the last minute.

Season two was a lot better front office wise. They picked up some USL players in the free agent market, and got a good player from SC to groom at mid. Norfolk State wasn’t happy about the field condition, ending the contract to play there. The 27,000 seat stadium was too big for the team anyway, FC Norfolk began playing at the 11,000 seat Virginia Beach Sportsplex, but it was out of the way from a lot of the fans. They saw the attendance drop to 5,000 fans a game. The team almost closed up shop before the 2027 season, but they signed a deal for a soccer specific stadium to be built down town near the Norfolk Scope. This excited fans, leading to an increased attendance at the Sportsplex. With the many fields all around the stadium, they started a youth club for their academy. They attracted the best players all around with the reachable goal of professional soccer. The team started playing for a rivalry trophy with the Kickers and Cavalry known as the Commonwealth Cup. The team moved into the new stadium for 2029, which was a great way to grow the team. Located in the center of the market, the Chesapeake Bay Stadium would lead to an average of 9,000 fans every game. They also built a front office building at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex to run their team from. The practice fields, and academy would continue to play there going into the 2030 season. They aren’t expected to be promotion worthy just yet, but the fan base is being built.

This was the last team I did! I wanted a navy theme. The crest shape represents the hull of a destroyer. I made the crest two tone like the shading of a battle ship. The stripes represent the naval stripes of a commander. The kits are pretty bold. Giant chevrons matching the crest. I moved the sponsor down just so you could easily read it. The kit is also split down the middle like the crest. Nothing too crazy, I think it was a mix of things I thought looked good and eagerness to say I’m done.

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