Monday, April 20, 2015

A-League - Ballarat Red Devils

So I finished my A-League series! I took a few weeks off because, if you didn't know, cranking out 28 concepts is not particularly easy. I took some time off to work on my next project because I was more interested in that than soccer for a few weeks. That being said, this guy sucks.
I appreciate every comment I get, both good and bad. But this one really killed me. First of all, I have a life. I don't get much time on the computer some days, and honestly, this series fell out of favor. I was always going to put everything into my last few concepts. I don't really do concepts for anyone but myself, especially for someone this rude for me taking my merry time to post concepts. Lastly, I'm not the one who made a lot of mid major cities in Queensland. I'm not done with the series, so for you, here's a team from Victoria.

Finally to the concept. I found out this team was originally colored red for Liverpool, but currently wear a kit like Manchester United. It all fits into the Red Devils nickname the current team has. I almost made this team a 4th Melbourne team but decided that this cold be something really cool. The logo is a squat badge with a crossed pick axe and pitchfork, to represent both city and club.

The kits are very plain, but I thought were striking enough. They're modeled after ManU, and so is the team, because red/white/black is a damn good look. And that's coming from a Chelsea supporter. The clash was me thinking yellow and red is underrated. I played around with some Nike type designs but ended up making hoops with red and yellow.

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