Saturday, April 25, 2015

A-League - South Melbourne

I think I've kept you guys waiting long enough! I'm gonna finish up this series tonight.

The 3rd Melbourne team option was a toss up between South Melbourne and Melbourne Knights. I went with South Melbourne just as a toss up. The team was founded by Greeks, so I wanted to carry over the blue and white stripes from the flag. Their current crest is a train wreck, so I wanted to give them a new look. I did a crest with a Fulham style vertical lettering and stripes. The gold stars from the current logo also made the jump.

The kits are basic. Blue Umbro striped kits with white socks to give it some flavor. The clash is a throwback to their first kit, which were white shirts and a big red V. I realize this is essentially a mix of the other two Melbourne team's clashes, but I went with history. That's sort of why I included as much blue as I did.

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