Saturday, April 25, 2015

A-League - Domestic Cups

So this was included in the first post, and some of you really waned to know about the domestic cups. The top two are the leagues. The Westfield FFA Cup currently exists, and is between all the teams in the A-League and the teams that qualify from the regional leagues. The Kiwi Cup would be a round robin between the 3 New Zealand teams.

But the State Cup is new. I had this idea very early on. The premise would be an 8 team tournament featuring one from each state and territory. The teams would qualify in their own state before the final tournament.

Here's a breakdown of teams from the two leagues I made. Clearly the top 3 have a tougher time, but it would even out with expanded qualification from lower leagues. Just something I had an idea for, and thought I should share for the finale.

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