Friday, April 17, 2015

A-League - Sunshine Coast Heat FC

A few things about this concept. In the poll that the people filled out with team name suggestions, Sunshine Coast's top choices were Fire and Heat. I convinced myself that I liked the Heat better, but that was before I realized the Fire is the current team there. And honestly, I just went with it. Everyone is gonna chew me out for the decision, but again, I liked it better. I wanted to use a warm colored gradient originally for the A-League logos, but decided on the green and gold. That idea was moved to this concept. From yellow to maroon, this team has some warm colors. The crest is a diamond with a banner, and SCH monogram.

The kits I thought could be kind of unique. I couldn't think of a team with red/yellow/red for their kits, and I didn't want to do a gradient on this one, despite seeing how it looked, so I went with the look below. The clash is white because all the warm colors are pretty similar and this would be different enough.


  1. This is Queensland's seventh team in the series... Not to mention the fifth in A-League 2. I think it's time that you did a concept for another South Australian team or two...

    It would also be great to see the concept series moving along a little faster. Lately your posts have been spread apart by a few days... Disappointing, especially when the result is something as bleak as this design... Please try to do something a bit more creative for the rest of the series.

  2. As a big fan of Australian football thankyou for doing something like this. I'm really enjoying your series. I have absolutely no problem with the time your taking and the designs you're providing. Can't wait to see what else you have coming. Also, if you use Reddit, can you please post this to /r/aleague when you're done? I think that would be a community that would really enjoy this series. Thanks again!