Tuesday, April 28, 2015

World Baseball Cup

I'm finally done with school, and felt like this was a good time to release my project I've been working on or months.Do you guys remember this project? Last summer I really wanted to do a project that took a year by year series of concepts and they evolved over time. I chose a world baseball tournament. My idea was to go from 1953 to 2013 and make a tournament every 4 years. Back then, I planned out my series and set off.

But it was clunky, the template was bad, the stories were long, and I lost interest quickly because I had gotten some facts wrong.

But now I'm back! 

Some back story. The MLB got together with the IBAF, the governing body for baseball, in 2005 and then started doing the World Baseball Classic. 16 teams would play around the world, then go to the US and do knockout rounds, all during spring training. But here is my story, what if the MLB got together with the IBAF in 1953. I rebranded them as the IBF. The Baseball World Cup was founded in 1938, but was never on a big scale. This would be the biggest scale, essentially the most competitive competition in baseball history. There are some rules.

Starting in 1953, every 4 years the World Baseball Cup would be held in early March. Qualifying would take place the year before. There will be a rotating host. These hosts are stadiums in the samen city, region, or country. Each group would get one stadium as their base, so they didn't have to travel until the knockout rounds. 95% of the stadiums I use existed when they would host the games. The few that aren't would've been renovated or built for the tournament(most are only off by a year, but it's worth noting). A player is eligible to play for a country by birthplace, heritage, or citizenship. Currently there are 16 tournaments. The teams performance are based on random group draws and players of that era. The number of teams in each tournament grew as I saw acceptable. The uniforms also evolve with the times. If this tournament existed in real life, I imagine baseball would be a lot bigger, but for sake of argument, other than the tournament, everything else would be the same.

So sit back and enjoy because this is already one of my favorite series I've made.

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