Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A-League - Sporting Fremantle

So this would be Western Australia's second team, and it needed to be done. All these comments about how Western Australia looked a little lonely on the map I posted must not know how empty it is. But the name Sporting came up a lot in the poll i sent out. I finally got a chance to use it for the 2nd Perth team. I couldn't use any cues from the AFL team based in Fremantle because they're a purple, and so is the Perth Glory. I wanted to use the swan from the WA flag. Fremantle is located at the mouth of the Swan River, so it was fitting. The swan is on a yellow circle, and yellow and black would be the same scheme as Wellington so I went with a Pittsburgh Penguins color scheme.

The kits are pretty simple. I went with umbro so it was gonna be really simple. I wanted this team to be black because gold colored jerseys would look pretty bad in real life. I thought a black/white/black look would be the best alternative. The clash is light blue since not many teams use it, and it would never be worn against Sydney. I put some sublimated hoops to spice it up a little.

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