Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A-League - Cairns Flying Foxes

So if you didn't know, I posted a poll trying to figure out team names for the teams. I got a lot of great responses, and the majority of the teams were spun off from this poll. One I really liked were the Cairns Taipans. The Taipan is the 3rd most venomous snake in the world, and native to the Northeastern city of Cairns. The logo is the shape of the head, and forms the snake with the team name over it. I went with 3 shades of brown to match the colors of the snakes. Here it is.

But my friend Lachlan Sands, who is an Australian, pointed out the team already exists. The Cairns Taipans are a team i the Australian basketball team. So it was back to square one. Then @HockeyBrunch suggested the name "Flying Foxes". The Flying Fox is a nickname for a massive bat that he saw fly in bunches over the mango trees when he was in Cairns. I looked it up and it'd be so unique I had to do it.

I made a simple crest with a bat silhouette, which is different from Batman. I made the orange and white pop as much as I could. The kits are Under Armour, and I recolored the ones I made for the Taipans. I did all black for the home, then all mango for the clash because it'd be pretty unique color wise.

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