Friday, March 27, 2015

A-League - Canberra United

I think this may be my favorite concept I've done. Canberra is the best candidate to get an expansion team. I'm basing that off of being a pretty large city without a team. Currently, the women's league in Australia is the W-League. They teams in that league have the same names as their male counterparts, EXCEPT Canberra United. Their logo is okay, it looks like it fits into the rest of the current A-League. So I wanted to make it my own. I made a shield, and decided on a green since the team hasn't. I love dark cool grey as a color, and chose it over black. These colors are really unique in sports individually and together. I brought over the Capitol Building in the current logo, and simplified it. Through on words, and called it a day.

The kits are pretty basic. I did monochrome green for the home. Completely unique to everything else in the league. The clash is white and grey. I accented it a little with green. I wanted to try a different stripe than normal, instead of up and down, or left and right, I made it cut diagonally from the neck hole. Hire me Nike.

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  1. Sean O'Connor - Kits look Amazing. Green is a little too similar to the Canberra Raiders Rugby League club, as they are lime green, but it does look snazzy. The crest/logo is amazing too. It is simple and very iconic for Canberra. Much better than the W-league crest/logo.

    The dark grey is a good choice over black. I do like the unusual green stripe on the away kit, gives it some originality.

    Only thing I would recommend for any alteration to this is to darken the green to make it more original for the city. They would want to have an original brand in the city.

    To be honest the name is not something I would pick but I do understand you’re meaning for picking it and using it for this concept design. It does look good in the crest/logo. Nice and simple and strong. I just worry that there are too many United's in the league with Adelaide and Newcastle sharing the 'United' already. I would have picked something unique like Highlanders as it is also representative of the city and surrounding region.

    Canberra already has the following sporting brands:

    ACT Brumbies ( Rugby Union )
    Canberra Raiders ( Rugby League )
    CBR Brave ( Ice Hockey )
    Canberra Capitals ( Women's Basketball )
    Canberra Cavalry ( Baseball )
    Canberra United ( Women's Soccer )

    Anyway, overall your design is really awesome and I would love for this design to actually be picked up for a team in Canberra in the A-League in the future, if we do ever get a team. At the moment the FFA ( Football Federation Australia ) has a different focus and wants to put second teams in Brisbane and Adelaide and a third team in Sydney before they branch out into regional teams again such as Canberra, Wollongong, Townsville, Hobart or Geelong. They have this silly notion that to make a club viable you need a city with a population of over 1 million people. But they fail to take into account the per portion of soccer fans within a population as you can have a lot less overall population but still a huge soccer following within a population.