Sunday, March 29, 2015

A-League - North Queensland Fury

I'm giving this team a second chance! The team from Townsville played in the A-League from 2008-11 before they folded due to financial struggles. A team formed after they folded, and they currently play in the lower levels as the Northern Fury. Originally I as gonna use the winged ball logo they had before in some way, but the more I worked with it, the more I realized how much it sucked. So I went in a new direction. I decided on a kelly green and dark green for the team since they used a weird lime green gradient before they folded. It's probably the reason they folded. I did a crest shape and really really played with it. I used the Colorado Springs' USL logo as inspiration. I just tried my best to make it look furious with tapered stripes.

The kits are a green version of the USMNT's bomb pop kits. Nike has the template in their catalog, and I miss the USA wearing them. The clash just has some stripes that get darker and darker as it goes down.

And since it's the last of the 14 A-League teams, here is all the logos together!

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