Thursday, March 26, 2015

A-League - Auckland City

So for the first of the expansion teams to the A-League, I chose a team that already exists. Auckland City is a powerhouse in the Oceania region. The issue is that since New Zealand is in Oceania confederation, and Australia is in the Asian, they aren't eligible for the same things. BUT, that isn't my problem because Auckland is huge, and Wellington has a team too.

Auckland's logo is a mess right now. There's stripes, initials, an anchor, a body of water, a mountain, an a landmark. I just dropped it all for an anchor. I used the logo as the basis for this, but ultimately made my own. I did a bevel effect, and a ribbon behind the crest because it felt like it needed something else.

The jerseys are pretty simple. I eliminated some colors and made them duel blues. I used some designs from my US Soccer 2030 project I liked, recolored to fit the Kiwis.

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