Monday, March 30, 2015

A-League - Tasmania United

The A-League concepts finished last night, and I heard the most about how dumb I am for not putting a team in Tasmania. Well here is that team.

Even though there is a team called Tasmania United, this is completely done from scratch. First, I saw the colors of the state are green red and yellow. I thought of an idea for a Barcelona striped look using green instead of blue. So I went from there. The crest shape is pretty similar to the shape of Tasmania. It features a banner across it, and an updated lion from the state flag.

The kits, like I said before, are inspired by Barcelona. I like how the yellow pops off the two stripes a lot, and I feel like it's unique to any colored stripes I've ever done before. I threw in a little shading in the red to make it a little less boring. The clash clashes with the rest with a nice blue-aqua color.

1 comment:

  1. Sean O'Connor - Don't take any notice of the haters, this is top notch start to the A-league 2. Poeple must not have read your outlline for the project and your request for ideas for clubs for the second division.

    Anyway, this is truely a great design with very unique crest and colours for the league. Looking forward to your next addition.