Monday, March 23, 2015

A-League - Sydney FC

Sydney FC's logo was a lost cause. Non-symmetrical with gradients, and a bad font. I decided to redo it completely, and go for a simplistic look that would stand out as the Premier team of the league. I went with the LA Galaxy as my main inspiration. The crest shape wasn't supposed to be as close as it was, but I wanted something that was representative without looking like a postcard. The Sky Blues are called that because they hold a light blue monopoly. On the crest, I only included navy to darken it a little. The 7 sided star moves up to the position of the focal point.

The kits were meant to fall into the brand. Head to toe light blue for the home uniforms with the classic Adidas stripes. The orange that got bumped off the identity shows up on the clash jersey.

1 comment:

  1. You couldn't be further away from what the new away kit will be, Also badge redesign doesn't meet the the design brief.

    good effort but you should speak to Sydney Supporters not a wanderers supporter