Sunday, March 29, 2015

A-League - AFC Geelong

For the only team not from Melbourne in Victoria, I was told that tying the Aussie Rules team the Geelong Cats would be my best bet. They're known for their blue hoops, so I wanted to carry that over. Think of blue and white stripes as the Aussie version of the Pittsburgh teams' yellow and black. The AFL team uses a darker blue, but there was too much navy by the time I did it. So I wanted to expand the palette of the league a little.

I really couldn't think of an actual brand, so I needed to be somewhat generic for the logo. I did a crest with hoops, a ball at the top of it like the Swedish logo. I could only fit the initials and year on the crest because I didn't want a banner. According to Wikipedia, "Geelong was named in 1827, with the name derived from the local Wathaurong Aboriginal name for the region, Jillong, thought to mean "land" or "cliffs"" So I threw in some boomerangs. because it needed something I thought.

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