Monday, March 16, 2015

A-League - Adelaide United

This was the first concept I did, and the first one I posted. Even though I'll claim that it was alphabetical. Originally in the last A-League series, I just somewhat updated their current logo,and made the kits have red/yellow/blue hoops just like the Adelaide Crows Aussie Rules team. The folks over on the Expand the A-League facebook page let me know that this team was known as "The Reds". The crest is simple with a diagonal slant of the colors from the current logo. I wanted simple and classic looking. One that could last for a while, or that Adelaide could pay me for.

The kits are all red with a sash that matches the crest. I put it on an Adidas kit and cleaned it up. The clash is a simple white jersey with blue trim. The red pants carried over to give The Reds some color.

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  1. Hey Michael, I'm flicking through your page trying to find your older A-League series. Would you be able to help? Cheers!