Sunday, April 5, 2015

A-League - Christchurch Saints FC

What's a soccer league without a team called the Saints? There was some confusion on the poll about this team. Expand the A-League suggested Canterbury, and I thought it was a suburb of Sydney(Melbourne too). All the responses were to the tune of "Which Canterbury?" Well turns out Christchurch, New Zealand is in the Canterbury Region itself. Christchurch would be home to the 3rd and last Kiwi team. I needed to be different from the yellow and blue teams from New Zealand, so I went with red. My idea was something so boring, it looks like the team had been created 80 years ago I went with a sash, and from there on it decided the fate of the jerseys.

The home kit would potentially be iconic, white with a red stripe and red shorts, something that really could be rare. Just like River Plate. I went navy on the road to look like the flag of the country, and that it wouldn't ever clash with Auckland City.

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  1. I would relish the return of a white kit with red diagonal stripe to the A-League, even the second division. It really suites the overall concept idea you have and since Melbourne Heart became Melbourne City we have lost the sash jersey.

    Michael just fyi, this was the old Melbourne Heart away jersey: