Monday, December 23, 2013

Atlanta Silverbacks

This was the 23rd team to jump to MLS in 2016. The team was bought by Arthur Blank to make the jump. The team would move into the Falcons' new stadium when that was built in 2017, with the top deck tarped off. The tradition of the Silverbacks name continued, just because the colors matched. The logo was switched to a logo that was passed up on in the poorly run logo competition during the NASL, when it was deemed the best one(I made it if you haven't figured it out).The team is known for it's strong defense, but the lack of scoring hurt the team early on. The team would progressively build a youth system and once the talents at striker moved up to the top tier, the team began to be a yearly playoff regular. The red and black hoops remained, with the alternate being a red and black sash.

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