Monday, December 23, 2013

Louisville Premier

In 2019, a business man from Louisville, inspired by the US's World Cup victory, figures "I can do that!" He buys the old Cardinal Stadium, and begins build a new great 10,000 seat stadium with room to expand. Louisville Premier joins the USL in 2021, but can't compete due to most of the budget going to the stadium. He offers contracts to graduating soccer players from the Louisville Cardinals, who have a rich history in the game. The team starts slow because many players retire to follow their major. In 2025, he turns an abandoned lot a block from the stadium into a state of the art youth and training facility. The team is set for the future, but still remains in the mid to low USL. The colors are Red/Black/Yellow since that color seems to match the city. I didn't want to just do "FC" or "United" and I really liked the two words together. The Fleur de Lis is on the crest because it's a French city. The kits are simple, I played around with a few things and thought that Adidas would do something like this.

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