Thursday, December 26, 2013

FC Birmingham

The Hammers started playing in 2017. The team Bought up Regions Park, which had hosted NCAA Soccer Cups in it's history, but with the Barons moving to a new ballpark, it had no regular tenant. The owners converted it into a 15,000 seat soccer stadium. The beginning was somewhat rough, not having a great team with not a lot of support. The academy system was set up when FCB bought 3 local clubs and merged them. A former MLS coach took the reigns and rebuilt the team. He started with the midfielders, who he considers to be the most important part of the game. After the 2019 Gold Cup, a Cuban striker and Goalkeeper defected to the US, which were picked up by the Hammers and began playing in the NASL that same summer. The club only has 3 winning seasons, but the team is near .500 each year, and the manager is a crowd favorite because of his charity work. With the knowledge of possible promotion, the owners doubled the payroll budget, which might get them to the show down the line. This logo was done for a guy who was trying to land a Birmingham team. Unfortunately that fell through too, but I really liked the Icon I made, which has the spear from the Vulcan statue, and a hammer for the industry. The front is just a simple gradient design, and the back has diamond plate pattern.

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