Sunday, December 29, 2013

Connecticut Hearts

When the Revolution moved to Boston and rebranded, the rest of New England thought that this was an opportunity to have a team of their own. A Scot from Edinburgh living in Hartford had the vision to bring a team to his new home. Being a fan of Hearts of Midlothian, the team name he chose made sense. With momentum from hosting Gold Cups, a decent fan base would be built. The team would play it's home games in East Hartford at Rentschler Field, starting in the 2024 USL season. Connecticut was chosen as the team name to represent the whole state, hopefully being able to draw fans from new Haven and Bridgeport. The Hearts had an immediate rival in Providence City, who in the first game against each other, had 3 red cards and 6 more yellows. The team used outstanding seniors from local college soccer programs to build the team originally, they could only do so much. Hearts bought up local youth clubs to have an immediate impact with youth. The state champion U-18 team in the system would graduate from the system and almost the entire team made the jump to the USL. Having played together for years, the club made the playoffs in 2026, lost to Providence in the championship the next year, then would go on to beat New Orleans for a USL cup in 2028. The team definitely can compete in League Two, but will need some signings to move up any time soon. Crashcarson15 was the brainchild behind this name. He had a team by the same name in his thread, and it was good enough to recycle. I used claret and blue, because it's a classic color combo, and his team is Aston Villa, and it's my gift to him for the name. The uniforms are pretty simple, Adidas stripes and a collar on a simple design.

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