Sunday, December 29, 2013

Providence City

A team with a quick and productive history. Their story is similar to Connecticut, a whole untapped market opened up with the Revolution moving to Boston. City teamed up with the Rhode Island Rebellion, a pro rugby team, to build a multi-use 10,000 seat stadium near downtown. A German manager would take charge for their inaugural season, he had coached in the 2nd tier of Germany so the team had immediate success.The area lost the Revolution, with Foxborro being halfway between Boston and Providence, so the stands were filled to the brim really quick with fans having more convenient soccer. In their first year, they worked out a feeder deal with the Revs to give youth talent first team game time, like many Boston team's connection with Providence. Providence couldn't attract many free agents, but were the best scouting team in the USL. The fierce rivalry between City and Hearts is fueled by the Anchors stealing young talent from Eastern Connecticut. The team would go on to win a championship in 2027, with the cup being rubbed into the face of the Hearts fans. Providence is a sexy pick to move to League One going into 2030. The logo is a diamond, and has 3 distinct parts. An anchor, where the nickname comes from, stripes for the uniform, and the year they would be established. The uniforms are pretty tame, but I really liked how they turned out.

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