Saturday, December 28, 2013

New York City FC

NYCFC became a team in 2015. The sports super powers of the Yankees, and Manchester City had one goal, to make sure this team didn't fail. The year before they debuted, the Red Bulls won the MLS cup. This would spur the soccer giants into wanting to compete. In the 3 seasons at Yankee Stadium, the team would only win half of their home games, due to the lack of atmosphere. In 2018, the team built a new 25,000 seat stadium a block away from Yankee Stadium. With the new arena, and increasing quality of play in the MLS, Manchester City would youth and reserve players during the summer to play in New York. When this happened, and the Yankees' started buying the best free agents, the team would dramatically increase the quality of play. The Red Bulls took this as a challenge from their noisy neighbors. Head to head match ups became the most watched games on Friday Night Kickoff, the weekly ESPN prime time game. The arms race between both teams would draw the best players in the country to come play for both sides. City would have trouble winning hardware though. In the 15 year history, the best City would do is a runner up to the MLS Cup in 2022, losing in penalties to Portland. They can compete year after year, but chocking in the playoffs is their downfall. To be honest, I've done this concept before. I didn't change the logo any from this summer because I liked it so much. The uniforms are light blue with pinstripes for both owners. I wanted a classy clash, so white and navy was the call.

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