Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oklahoma City FC

The OKC Spirit started in the USL in 2014 using green and blue. In 2015 Oklahoma City FC started in the NASL using red and black. The two teams could not split such a small market, and something had to be done to save both teams. In 2017, the teams merged into Oklahoma City FC playing in the NASL. The team has two supporters groups, divided by the original split in the teams. In 2020, OKC favorite Kevin Durant retired from the NBA. Durant had become a fan of the team spending his summers in the city, and in 2021 he and a group of investors including OKC native Wes Welker, and former USMNT national Alexi Lalas bought the team. Durant's first action was to rebrand the club, using the colors the Thunder used during his playing career. Lalas became the manager. The team never really found footing, since Lalas only could connect to the defenders. They renovated Taft Stadium in 2026 after a NASL playoff run in 2025 that sparked the interest of the city. The fans have accepted OKCFC as their summer team, and the support is growing. I've used this logo before, but I really like it. It's a dream catcher, which is for the Native American heritage in the state. Warrior is the brand so I wanted to do something kind of wild like the Liverpool kits.

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