Monday, December 23, 2013

Miami FC Flamingos

This is Becks' team. The team built a stadium downtown, and the fans came for superstar Ronaldo, and see David Beckham coach. The team had some early success, but could never win the championship due to weak defense. The team's bright pink uniforms(which were originally chosen by Posh Spice) weren't enough to draw fans after Ronaldo's retirement. One of Beckham's first order of business was to set up a youth system in the rich Hispanic hotbed of South Florida. The team's new star would be Beckham's son, Romeo. The Flamingos tradition of great free kickers continues, with the Flamingos looking to break their curse and lift the league trophy. The logo is an update of an old logo from almost 4 years ago. I wanted a pink team and I thought this would be perfect. The idea was a classy set of kits for the team, similar to Beck's Manchester United 2013 kits. I put Telemundo as the sponsor because it made the most sense.

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