Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pittsburgh Ramparts

I made these logos for a friend, here is his quote for what he wanted 

I wanted to break away from the norm. Every Pittsburgh team is black and gold, and while I like the continuity of that and the color scheme itself, I wanted something different (I wasn't even gonna choose Pittsburgh at first). After mulling over many names, I realized all my best Pittsburgh-based names I have used before (Natives, Ironmen, 58'), and Michael wanted us to use original names, so my ideas of honoring past Pittsburgh pro teams (Shamrocks, Hornets) were shot down. So I got inspiration from the Quebec Ramparts. As some of you may know, Pittsburgh started as a series of French and British forts at the forks of the Ohio river (the largest and last being Duqesne and Pitt). So I decided to do what seemingly no Pittsburgh sports team has done is pay homage to this early era of our history. So the Pittsburgh Ramparts (a rampart being a fortification) were born. The third jersey is a throwback to one of the many jerseys worn by the Pittsburgh Hornets. For the logo I wanted something simple and geometric. Something that would stand the test of time and look like it might have already done so (like the Hawks, or Rangers, or Leafs). I wanted a triangle or fort shape, but Michael came up with the idea of a keystone - a classic Pennsylvanian symbol. So the simple logo of a P within a keystone was born.

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