Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big Ten Rebrands

Two Big Ten concepts, originally for a big project, but fell through.
Ohio State
Fun fact: Ohio State's logo is kind of a mess too. Too cluttered, not bold enough. I wanted to make the set bold and run with it. I made an O logo with a buck eye the primary. My goal was to make it not look like a pot leaf(it doesn't right?) I used black instead of a dark grey, like i originally wanted. Yeah, not too much else about this one!

Penn State
Have you seen their logo? It's not that great. Everyone wanted a rebrand after the whole Sandusky incident to start over. I saw a proposal to use an old logo with an S in a keystone. I thought it could be a pretty good alternate. The use of a keystone for Penn State made tons of sense. I used the logos they had early last decade, but modified it. I wanted a sleeker, meaner lion. A Nittany Lion is just a mountain lion from Nittany Mountain, which i learnt doing this concept. Anyway here it is.

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