Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New York Comos

New York’s second team started playing in 2014. They played in the NASL at Hofstra University, and really wanted to make the jump to the MLS. The team continued to look for new venues after New York City FC joined the league and took Manhattan and the Bronx as their territory. With the Red Bulls on the Jersey side, the team decided Brooklyn and Queens should be their territory. The team built their stadium near Citi Field in 2018, a 25,000 seat palace. The MLS still had a hard cap at 24 when NASL rivals San Antonio and Atlanta making the jump a few years prior. The best thing they could do was buy championships in the NASL. Like their forefathers, the Cosmos used money to bring home 3 cups in 5 years. During this time, the home whites became iconic again, and the clash moved around from yellow, to navy, to green. In 2026, the Cosmos signed an aging Brazilian goal scorer. This brought back the glory days of Pele, and bringing back the green clashes full time. A championship in 2029 set the team up for a run to the Championship in 2030. Really nothing to write home about. They have a classy look with collars.

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