Saturday, January 11, 2014

Albuquerque FC

After the announcement of the promotion and relegation system, many teams were created in anticipation, just to get their team started and not missing out on the chance to go big time. One of these teams were based in Albuquerque. A massive fan of the USMNT that lived in Albuquerque had the vision, he wanted to market the team as "New Mexico's Pro Team". After years of frustration, the team finally found the backers they needed. A new Borussia-type crest was made, and the team was ready. They set up shop to play at the soccer complex on UNM's campus. In the team's first year, they would sign all of the graduating seniors from the New Mexico Lobos soccer team, and filled the rest with players scouted from all over the Rockies. A youth team was set up, who had a unique connection with close by Native American towns, allowing young players to play with ABQ. A lot of players of Hispanic heritage began playing for the youth team too. The big club struggled it's first year, the assistant coach of the Lobos was hired as a manager, and he could only do so much. A scout was sent to Mexico, and several players cut by their teams were given a second chance, and would go north of the border to play. Attendance is slowly improving, ABQ averages 5,000 fans a game, which is good for such a young team. The club is still several years off from even making it to League One, but the vision is there, and with support from UNM, local tribes, and the people of New Mexico, the team has a bright future. The logo was a result of me wanting to make a crest with a city's airport code. Add that to the New Mexico flag's symbol, and it was pretty simple to throw together. Red and yellow was the obvious choice for the home set, but I went black instead of inverting the colors.

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