Saturday, January 4, 2014

Carolina Railhawks

One of the premier teams in the NASL is still around. They won the 2014 NASL Soccer Bowl with the strong team that got the most total points in 2013, but then took a dip when more and more teams were added. From 2014 to 2016, the team would be the team to beat, however only one championship was brought to Cary, NC. The team would lose players to expansion drafts watering down the Railhawks. In 2020, the once proud Railhawks drew only 4,000 a game, which was good fo a team competing for the wooden spoon. That year, the team would be bought by North Carolina business man. The team would change from navy to grey, and from there it only got better. Players from the Research Triangle, which is rich in soccer tradition, and newly signed free agents would help the team make the playoffs in 2021. A bitter rivalry with Charlotte would be started after both teams would fight to get players form other cities in North Carolina. The team would get a Brazilian goalie from an MLS side to man the team's net, complete with one of the best young defensive back 4, the Railhawks would go on to win the 2024 Soccer Bowl. The team still is almost guaranteed a top half finish year after year, and is a sexy pick for promotion in 2030. I went all orange on the home like the current team. The grey was added because I thought that the light grey would look great with a dark grey pant, better than navy atleast. The chevrons have a gradient effect, just kinda threw that in because I thought it looked nice.

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