Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Omaha ONE FC

The One has a unique history. Using a Bundesliga mentality, a group of fans got together and started up an USL team. They went for the name ONE because of Omaha, NEbraska. The fans were going to be involved heavily in the business. They had 3 owners with 49% of the team, then the fans would own the other 51%. They began play at TD Ameritrade Park, which was only used for 2 weeks every summer. The baseball stadium didn’t provide for the most intimate atmosphere for the team, but the fans were loud. The Prairie Firm showed up with 2,000 fans the first game, a 3-0 win over Charleston. The team grew from there. The team averaged just under 10,000 fans a game their first season. In that offseason, they signed a deal with the Chicago Fire to build up their youth players. In addition to their inaugural roster, they signed a free agent striker from Tampa and a Midfielder from Plymouth Argyle. They improved from the first season, growing the fanbase. Defense was their biggest problem. With no youth candidates to grow any time soon, they dipped into the free agent market. A defender trio from Trinidad, Paraguay, and Florida teamed up to have a very strong back end. Omaha ended up giving the least amount of goals in their 3rd season, and made the playoffs. A fierce rivalry was started with Austin in 2024 when ATX knocked out Omaha on the last day of the season. The rivalry is still very strong to this day. The biggest problem going into the next year was at attack, A potent attack was built with a young player on loan from Chicago, and a Canadian player Edmonton didn’t resign. Trying to get back into the big leagues, he scored 19, leading Omaha to the playoffs again. TD Ameritrade Park would hold 16k people a game, as the team’s following expanded. The more tickets helped the team build up their facilities, and pay for players. They went out and got a Scottish midfielder that would become a cornerstone for Omaha. In his first game, he completed 45/47 of passes, which led to the game winning goal. Their coach was hired by Real Salt Lake, and Omaha brought in an interim manager on short noticed, who was a high school soccer coach from the Prairie Firm. With the support of his fellow fans, he lead Omaha to a winning record. With one season under his belt, his team understood his style and fired on all cylinders. Their youth system was bringing in some pretty good players. To compliment their Scot, a player from Papillion, NE became a starter in his first year. Going into 2029, they had the highest attendance in the USL.5 of their starters were good rookie players. Complemented by international players, the team finished 3rd in the league. They were saved by a late goal, and eventually won in overtime in the semi finals. They ended up winning the championship infront of their home crowd. Omaha is a sexy pick for promotion in the first season of the new system. The name is completely mcrosby’s, who gave me the thumbs up for using it. The logo was a result of me liking AS Monaco’s kits, and I just tried to do some new things. The clash is based on a highlighter uniform that the former team in my home town used to rock.

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