Friday, January 17, 2014

Los Angeles Galaxy

One of the MLS' premier franchises still continues to be an icon. After back to back wins in the MLS, the Galaxy's run ended with a loss to RSL. With Keane and Donovan retiring in back to back seasons, the Galaxy started treading water, and missed the playoffs in 2017. This wasn't cutting it for the owners. They signed Luis Suarez on a deal from Liverpool. The Ballon d'Or winner was an immediate help at attack. The team made the playoffs again, and only continued to get stronger. They signed Cesc Fabregas to help in the back. The stars in front and back were helped by players from their youth system surrounding, and players signed from all over CONCACAF. The team was set for a MLS Cup, but unfortunately they didn't pull through. The manager and most of the staff was fired. Going into 2021, the team was still favorites. They high power team was led by Suarez' MLS record 31 goals. The team lost in the final against Montreal on an own goal on a deflection in the 70th minute. After a first round playoff exit, the team was pissed. They were called chokers by the media and opposing fans. Suarez and Fabregas weren't getting any younger. That was when a talent from SoCal, who was on the U-20 USMNT roster finally got his shot. He had been fermenting in the USL on a contract with the Anaheim Blues, and scorched the competition at midfield. With the whole team firing on all cylinders, the Galaxy won not just one, but two straight MLS cups. Cesc and Suarez retired after the second run. The Galaxy built outward from midfield from their star product. Players from Europe were snatched up to support, and the team continued to dominate. No trophies have been won, but 3 supporters shields were lifted in Carson. The closest they've come to the cup were runner ups in 2026 and 2029. The Galaxy are the champagne of US soccer, and plan to keep it that way. The homes stayed traditionally white, because that's a classic monochrome look. The clash is an homage to the pre-Beckham kits, with stripes on yellow. I wanted a classy and sleek look for them, because they're close to perfection.

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