Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Detroit City

Like I said before, the NASL was looking to bring up clubs in big markets stuck in the NPSL. Milwaukee, Detroit, and Cleveland were the first to make the jump. Detroit City started playing in the NPSL in 2012. They played at a downtown high school until the announcement by the NASL. With the economy recovered, a the team received backing from the "Detroit Revival" program, and new sponsors. The ownership group had plans to renovate the Silverdome, but the supporters group was upset with that idea, since it wasn't actually in Detroit. A spot was found on Belle Isle, and a small 13,000 seat stadium was put up over 2 years. They worked with the Grand Prix to preserve the course, provide a better backdrop for the race, and work on a better transportation service to and from the island from the Michigan and Ontario. They drew well for a NASL side. The more open and available location helped Detroit City be one of the best supported NASL sides. That first year wasn't great, due to the carry over from the NPSL team not being able to match other teams physically. City stuck with their manager, who had two huge signings going into 2020. After scouting the Gold Cup, he bought a striker from Honduras, a midfielder from Jamaica, and former U-20 Canadian Keeper for very cheap. The team showed signs of improvement that season, and missed the playoff on a tie breaker. The money and attention the team got that year helped the team financially. The club put up money to improve a park with professional grounds keeping and new nets for inner city kids, and provide as a close practice facility. Two local Detroit players came up through the system and broke their way into their first team in 2024. MLS free agents, and new players together combined for the first real shot to for the championship in 2025. Mid season, Detroit went 10 games without a loss until their best defender, putting a hole in their back 4 and title hopes. The team came back hungrier and won the Soccer Bowl that next season over Indianapolis. The team hasn't been able to recreate the result since, but the stadium was expanded to 18,000 seats to fit the fans. The new scheduling allows fans to make it from Comerica Park to Belle Isle Stadium with time to spare. The support is there, but League One will be incredibly competitive this season. The crest is new, and I used the flag for the inspiration. I put the team nickname on the bottom the jerseys are similar to the current ones, with striping from the flag. The clash currently has off color sleeves, so that is the inspiration behind that. I chose nearby based Meijer as a sponsor for the club too.

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