Sunday, January 19, 2014

Toronto FC

After years of frustration, Toronto FC spent tons of money to fix the soccer culture in the great white north. Bradley, Defoe, and Gilberto would be the keys Toronto needed to make the playoffs. In the hard east, TFC finished 2nd. The team wasn't able to produce in the playoffs however, a 3-1 aggregate loss to the Red Bulls, who won the Cup. The next year, Defoe scored 5 goals in 5 games, and was on pace for the MVP, but a high slide tackle by a Montreal defender blew out his knee. He was done for the year, and after his return, he was never the same and he retired in 2016. The Reds had one playoff run during their big 3 era, but the attendance picked up. Bradley made the bosses go out and pick up Aron Johansson, whose stock was growing from international performances. Defense was always the problem in TO, and the players they brought in never really panned out. They were bringing in atleast two youth players a year, due to one of the best academies in the league. They traded up for the 3rd overall pick to draft a goal keeper from Maryland. With Bradley, Johannsson, Gilberto, and the future of the Canadian National Team all infront of the keeper, the club won the supporters shield in 2017. In 2018, the team had an MLS record 8 internationals in the World Cup. Johannsson had a great World Cup, and was bought by Liverpool for their campaign. One of their Canadian defenders was purchased by Leeds too. They lost a lot of their firepower for the stretch run. At the end of that year, Gilberto went back to Brazil. Bradley was the only huge piece left. After countless trade proposals, no one would go play striker. The team had their worst season with Bradley at mid that year. The 34 year old Bradley retired that year. TFC continued to slide, using mostly their youth team on the field. They signed a 29 year old Italian midfielder as a replacement after he was ran out of town by Napoli supporters. The club had an up and down 2020s. Only 3 playoff runs, but mostly .500 performances. The team is where they are now thanks to being adventurous and spending money in 2014. The red uniform is based off of a concept by Daniel_Ramone93, and I used it because it's fantastic. I wanted the clash to be heavy on the grey, so there is very little red because the bet it looked was with grey stripes.

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