Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Las Vegas Quicksilvers

The NASL was still trying to match the 24 team league the MLS put up. In 2021, a group of Las Vegas business owners wanted to play soccer in Sin City. There was a fan vote contest for the team name. In the poll was Las Vegas United, LVFC, and the Quicksilvers(former name of the NASL club). The Quicksilvers got half of the votes, and the team was announced. They began playing at Sam Boyd Stadium the summer of 2022 on the same field as the original team. The first half of the season was a disappointment, the team had a 5-10-2 record, and only sold 4,000 tickets a game. After the USA won the 2022 World Cup that summer, attendance doubled. The team had a bad first year, but it was okay since the NASL is super competitive. In the off season, the club signed a Midfielder from the Honduras U-20 team, which helped incredibly. They also signed a guy who became famous on YouTube for his ball handling tricks. The Silvers put him up front in a 4-4-2 formation. His play could lead to great opportunities, but he didn't have the stamina, and was sub par at finishing. He was cut that next season. The team never took the time to set up a good youth system, so they didn't have new players come up year after year, which led to spending. The team wasn't performing at the box office, and the owner soon went bankrupt from bad business deals. The team was saved from folding in 2028 by a new regime led by the American Outlaws Las Vegas group, who want to treat the team right. It's going to be a few years with the new owners to turn the team around, but the groundwork is there for the future. I really wanted to bring this team back. The crest shape is taken from a yakball concept that I really liked. I did dual greys because that's an underused color scheme. The q logo idea was taken from the original team, so I used it as the prominent feature in the crest. The clash is blue and white like the clash the old NASL team wore, and I think the shades really compliment eachother pretty well.

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