Saturday, January 18, 2014

San Francisco SC

After the announcement of the 3 tier system, new teams in small markets popped up trying to strike gold in the future. A group of 8 from San Francisco took it upon themselves to bring a team to the city. The Quakes games took an hour to get to, and Sacramento wasn't a realistic option. SFSC started to play the summer of 2025 in Kezar Stadium near downtown. The BayMen Supporters built metal stands behind the goal in addition to the 9,000 seat stands along the sideline. They became known as the Earthquakes "Noisy Neighbors" by San Jose fans, and called names by rival USL teams that had a market to themselves. The team worked out a feeder program with the Earthquakes the second year. That team played well, knocking out Sacramento in the opening round of the US Open Cup. SFSC started to sell out thanks to their team getting exposure from scoring 9 on Halifax. The team didn't make the playoffs, but soccer culture was starting to take off in the city. The owners looked to move out of their small stadium. Candlestick Park was turned into a parking lot, that hosted a weekend flea market. Plans for a 15,000 seat stadium were made, and ground was broke in the winter of 2026. With the plans, a practice facility was constructed on the outside of the stadium, along with offices taking up the south side of the stands. Bay Area player were brought in to play for their new club, and a successful summer camp was held in season, which helped the teams scout players. The Chinese national team keeper was brought in to help attract more fans, the biggest signing in team history was great for the Asian community. "The Great Wall", helped by 5 strong defenders, 3 from San Jose, managed to keep 5 clean sheets in the last 5 games of the season to make the playoffs in 2028. The last game at Kezar Stadium was a loss to Austin. The team is all moved into their new digs, and the movement is starting for a soccer culture. The crest was similar to my Perth concept, with a stand up crest. I didn't want to do the bridge, but I really wanted orange and black for the team. It's the most recognizable part of the city, so I thought it was fitting in a way.

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