Friday, January 24, 2014

West Texas Wanders

The 5th team in Texas has a weird history. El Paso got a team for the 2025 season. The deal was that West Texas United would play home games at the Sun Bowl, using the lower part bowl of the stadium for fans. The Sun Bowl was being renovated slightly, adding tarp roofing to cover the stands. However, the stadium wasn’t complete in time due to a workers strike. The team scrambled to find a replacement in the city, but nothing could be worked out in such short time. The USL worked on a schedule, giving West Texas 12 straight road games all over the country, this happening when the stadium was finished being repaired. During this time, the English manager they hired jokingly called them the Wanderers, similar to clubs in the UK. The name stuck, and even after their permanent home was finished, they continued play using the nickname. The season wasn’t a successful one, mostly due to the nonstop travel. They worked on a deal with the San Antonio Scorpions to bring up youth players. The club also tried to bring fans from Mexico, thanks to the much better border laws that were made in the last decade. “Los Vagabundos” sent a scout to Mexico to find some talent, and returned with a keeper, and midfielder shuffled back in the depth chart of 2nd level Mexican Soccer. They have basic youth systems, and won’t really be competitive until a few years down the road. A rivalry with Albuquerque is one thing that their fans look forward too. They also love playing bigger clubs in the Lone Star Cup, even though they have yet to win a game. I had the idea walking to class, and it was really easy to make. I felt like a simple logo like that would be classy. The uniform is very basic. I wanted to put a design that looked like a pocket under the crest logo. I ran light stripes across the front, like the USMNT leaked kit. The alternate is green and black hoops because I thought that’d look great.

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