Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Milwaukee Bavarians

In 2018, the NASL was getting back to it's feet. The idea was to build teams from big markets, using the USMNT's World Cup victory as the launching pad. The owner of Miller Beer, caught up in the excitement of the World Cup, decided to throw his hat in the ring. He announced plans for Milwaukee SC to begin play in the NASL. Supporters of the Milwaukee Bavarians quickly stepped in and showed him a very well made power point. The Bavarians' history stretched back to 1929, with German immigrants starting the team. Facinated, and eager to make a fake German product, the Bavarians got the call to the big leagues. A rebrand updated the logo to black and blue, and they were set. They would sell out the 2,200 seat Engelmann Field on the campus of UW-Milwaukee. A key midfielder picked up in a dispersal draft would be the first star in Milwaukee. Despite a 12th place season, the midfielder tied the record of weekly XI appearances. The coach was fired, and the coach of the Duke Blue Devils Men's team was hired. He brought a unique fast paced game to the NASL. A keeper from near by Racine became the starter in 2022, and he lead the league in saves. Still, the Bavarians missed the playoffs. After 3 years of scouting out new stadium locations, a spot near the airport was chosen. Construction began on the 14,000 seat stadium, with room to expand. In the plans was a great training facility a few blocks away. The Bavarians use the Fire as their parent club, with Chicago sending players needing some first team reps north. Milwaukee is a few years off from competing with the best clubs in the country. They need a person at charge that has a soccer pedigree to help in team development.

The logo was fun to do. I used the current crest, with some cues from Bayern. I simplified "soccer club" to SC and put the Bavarian flag in the middle in the colors used. The kits are really clean, with a chest stripe running across.

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