Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Austin was emerging as a new Portland-style city. A lot of hip young people building a community together. As one of the bigger US markets, a lot of people were pushing for a pro soccer team. The Austin Aztex folded in 2015 due to financial issues, leaving the team soccer-free. A group of Longhorns, teamed with soccer fans from the city started a movement for a lower tier side. Something that could organically grow and be uniquely Austin. Almost 8,000 people joined in the movement and a group of investors would buy a team set to play in the USL in 2020. ATX FC won the fan vote for a name. The badge and uniforms were released and the town went nuts for soccer. The first year was played at House Park, former home of the Aztex. Using local player the first year, the team finished .500. They looked at places to build a soccer specific stadium after the first year, thanks to home sell outs of 5,000 every game. The narrowed down list for potential locations was outside of town at the Circuit of the Americas complex, or across the Colorado River from the Austin City Limits festival. The latter was chosen thanks to the proximity to downtown. With the plans to a 15,000 seat stadium(with possible expansion room), the city built a pedestrian bridge for easy access. Fueled by soccer fans, college students on vacation, and people looking to support the team, ATX FC sold out every home game at House Park. The move to the new stadium was an easy one. With the move, the owners attempted to build the team from the top, due to the youth system still gaining talent. MLS players from the area were bought in an attempt to unify everyone. An Argentine player was bought to help out at Mid, and a defender from Trinidad & Tobago plugged the holes in the back. The clubs on the field success never flourished. In their 4th season, they made the playoffs for the first time. A striker who had played abroad, but quit to go to school at UT was brought in as a back up. He returned to form and led the team with 17 goals in 2025. At this point, 14,000 fans was the norm. The support sent a message to the USL and the higher up leagues for a possible move. No jump was made, thanks to the owner not wanting to rush things, and the possible tier system being in place in the near future. The lure of playing in front of such great fans is a big part of signing the players they need. A few years off, and ATX might be playing with the big boys of US Soccer. I loved the colors used on that NHL SuperLeague Ducks concept. I've been meaning to do a stripe pattern like this, but had no way to connect it to a team. I wrote down Austin for these colors, not knowing what I wanted to do. I just kinda kept adding until I thought I was done! The star and curls and rope are my nod to Texas, with "Keep Austin Weird" at the bottom because I thought that'd be hilarious.

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