Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baltimore FC Barons

The Baltimore Bohemians are the current team in the Charm City, but they would fold in 2016. The next shot at Baltimore to get a team was in 2019, when the NASL was picking up teams left and right. A Baltimore bid was placed, but they weren't selected due to a lack of a stadium. The same owners bought an expansion team in the USL to start play in 2021, and named them the Barons, after George Calvert's official title. This was an attempt to make the team represent Baltimore. Under Armour signed a sponsorship deal, and gave them some of the best gear in the USL. Part of the plan was a 12,000 seat stadium close to Camden Yards, which hadn't been approved for the NASL bid. The Barons' started a soccer club for inner city kids, and merged some local teams to get a jump on the development of the academy. Not too much on the field success for the Barons, however. Their first 3 seasons were sub-500, but the Bohemians Supporters Group rallied the troops and the team is gaining some followers, which will help the team in the long run. An Argentine striker was signed, who had played for River Plate several years before, and his flair and knack for scoring goals caught the attention of the city. However, the defense was still letting them down. A Jamaican U-20 Left Back was signed to help at the wings, and a troubled keeper cut by the Impact will be an immediate starter. The team has a new manager, some players from their youth system, and the South American at the top of their formation. Slowly the team on the field is resembling the vision of the owners. The flag is here because it's fantastic. The home is yellow and black, since that is the pattern from Calvert's family crest(who founded Baltimore). Red and white on the clash, to tie it all in. This is heavily inspired by some Terrapins' gear, but who doesn't do that with these concepts?

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