Tuesday, January 21, 2014

San Antonio Scorpions

The Scorpions started playing in the NASL in 2010. Since then, the team has made strides trying to set themselves up for MLS. They made the jump to the big leagues with the Silverbacks. Toyota Field was expanded to 18,000, then the naming rights were bought by Valero. A huge sponsorship deal was made for the oil company, trying to compete with the other giants of Texas soccer. They were fighting for the state of Texas now with Dallas and Houston, both in the Western Conference. The 3 teams established the Lone Star Cup, trying to get the media attention the Cascadia Cup has. The original team was carried over from the NASL side, and they couldn't really cut it consistently with the rest of the league. That off season, the he team also filled holes in an entirely new back line, and signed Georgios Samaras after losing his starting spot at Celtic. The first Designated Player in team history would not disappoint. With World Cup experience, Samaras would lead the Scorpions to the first Lone Star Cup in team history, but would miss the playoffs. The "small" market of San Antonio took to the club, thanks to no competition during the summer. The academy brought up a young keeper, who was born in Mexico. This sat well with the Latino fans who were looking for a player to attach to. The 2018 season would be the best yet. Samaras scored 20 goals and led the team to the Wild Card round of the playoffs. After the 2020 season, Samaras retired. To replace him, the Scorpions signed a top Greek striker, disgruntled by his Greek side not fulfilling his roster. Samaras was the man behind the deal, who helped his international teammate pick a side. In the last decade, the Scorpions have no domestic trophies. Their Greek player earned an MLS top XI and jumped to Spain. Still, their academy goalie has remained consistent going into his 12th year with the team, earning the respect Tim Duncan had during his career. I cleaned up the logo by making it simpler. I think it had potential, but needed some tweaks. They haven't had any actual good jerseys to go off of, but I did like a hooped black kit and based the homes off of that. The clash gave me trouble and I settled on mostly white with red accents.

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