Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Houston Dynamo

This team might have one of the most storied histories in US soccer. Almost a playoff certainty year in and year out, the Dynamo are starting to pull away and be associated with US soccer. The scouts have gotten their NCAA draft picks correct 100% of the time, bringing in great talent. Add top players from colleges to one of the strongest youth systems in the country constantly fill the senior squad with talent. The club's rivalry with Sporting Kansas City made the decision to drop light blue from the kits, with the quote "Light blue will never flourish in Houston" tightly associated. The team made the switch to black to match their crest. The move was made going into 2019, after Sporting defeated Houston in the MLS cup in 2018. In 2019, Houston upset Real Salt Lake in the MLS cup, bringing home the 3rd trophy to Texas. The core of both team's led the team to a third straight MLS cup appearance in 2020. The club went on a slump for a few years, and by slump I mean they only made the playoffs 5 of 8 times from 2021 to the 2028 season with no championship games. This was due to the league becoming stronger, and the one table system was started in 2021. A newly revamped Dynamo team, lead by a new manager snatched up by from the Las Vegas Quicksilvers would go on to win the MLS cup in 2029. The kits are similar to the current with sublimated designs.The 4 stars on the back represent the cups won. I loved the way BerlinWall used black in his Houston concept so I brought it back here. I really thought this uniform looked great with the contrast of the colors.

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