Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chivas San Diego

The Goats are already considered the 2nd team in Los Angeles. Having to be guests in the StubHub Center wasn't good enough for the owners, so they looked for new stadium locations. When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, the plan was to move to Farmers Stadium along with them, and draw the crowd from the downtown area. The lease was signed and Chivas was set for the move, but at the last minute, the Raiders pulled out of the deal, stranding Chivas. For two seasons, they would play in Harder Stadium on the campus of UC-Santa Barbara. The team didn't want to make this their permanent home, so they looked south. The idea was to give San Diego their own team, and hopefully draw fans across the border that were fans of Guadalajara. Everything was in order. They would use Qualcomm Stadium for two years while a soccer specific stadium would be built in near by Chula Vista. A deal with Guadalajara had their youth system funnel straight to San Diego. The first year in their stadium was promising. 2020, new players, new facility, new coaches. The team would start their year off with sell out home wins against the Galaxy and Earthquakes. From their, the team posted a sub-500 record. In 2021, the team had a very good year. Chivas were on pace for the playoffs when the Mexican National Team fired their head coach after he failed to qualify for the World Cup. Rumors circulated on who would take the spot, and the day before a game against Miami, the Chivas boss jumped to coach El Tri. This pissed fans off, but it would get worse. Guadalajara was caught up in a match fixing scandal. The team was relegated from Liga MX, and brought up their seasoned San Diego prospects. Chivas scrambled to replace them, their talent pool was watered down by sharing the area with Tijuana's team. Worse players were sent by the parent club to season, making Chivas bottom feeders. They had to rely on the draft and youth system to bolster their team while most of the money went into fixing Guadalajara. The club finished 20th in the MLS in 2029, so relegation is possible for them. The uniforms are pretty similar, I think they own red and white stripes. I thought sublimated navy looked pretty good for them too.

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